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"For the price we were paying we thought it would be those really low quality drives you find in stores. Turns out the cases look and feel high quality, they utilize USB 2.0 to the fullest, and the logo print is perfect!"
- Devry

"In the computer world, it's always best to see what's inside the drive. They showed us what our logo would look like on the drive and before I could even say I didn't like it, I saw an attachment of a modified version of our logo on a transparent drive in the same e-mail. We ordered the drives with FlashDrivesDirect's artist's version of our logo. Once we received the drives it looked even better, and my favorite part was the Samsung memory chips!"

"Other people may have almost identical prices, and you figure why break off a deal for someone that will only give me $100 less over a large order? Well I've been on both sides of the fence, not only did FlashDrivesDirect beat the price by $100 they also have much better quality prints than others!"
- Camtronics


"We had a limited budget, we thought we'd have to do CDs again, however after speaking to a representative at FlashDrivesDirect, they made us realize that even if we don't produce as many, imagine how many CDs people will keep, now imagine something they can actually use, and it just happens to have your advertisement. They were right, we noticed a huge difference in reply..."
- Dr. Tucker, NY

"Best price, best quality, best customer service, and fast shipping"
- CocaCola

"We've tried buying from manufacturer's, suppliers, store fronts, but no one can give us as low of a price as FlashDrivesDirect. I don't know how they do it, but if you want the best for the least, buy from them!"
- John S., NY

"Most may know the business term TANSTAAFL, at least with FlashDrivesDirect, you do get better quality drives for less right on time!"


"We took the 3 day service, in 3 days we received a tracking number, the next morning it was at our door."
- Merck

"With a school as large as ours, our vendors need to be punctual. That's why I have recommended all departments to use FlashDrivesDirect as their vendor."
- Dr. Schnyder, MA

"Our package arrived a day earlier than it was suppose to!"
- David, NY

"If these guys say 5 days, they mean 5 days!"
- Raymond. MA

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