Customized USB Flash Drives are a great way for corporations and small businesses to communicate with their clients.

Wholesale prices and High Quality Customized USB Flash Drives combined with fast and efficient service – this is what has earned us an ever-growing base of well over 100,000 satisfied customers.

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"For the price we were paying we thought it would be those really low quality drives you find in stores. Turns out the cases look and feel high quality, they utilize USB 2.0 to the fullest, and the logo print is perfect!"
- Brian Harris, Devry University

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"Smooth, hassle-free transaction. Fantastic prices and prompt shipping. Quality product. Couldn’t be happier!"
- Jennifer L. - Exxon Mobil

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We accept all Government, Educational, and Corporate Purchase Orders.

Below are a few best sellers of well over a hundred custom USB flash drives to choose from. If you do not see what you are looking for or would like to create your own unique Custom USB Flash Drive please do not hesitate to call us (866) 404-4803 or e-mail your request at sales@flashdrivesdirect.com.

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PF style USB Flash Drive                  



Our Custom USB Flash Memory Drives use only the highest quality major brand memory. With the most durable casing, best memory on the market, lowest prices, and best customer service, no wonder why we are the Preferred Vendor for most Universities, Government Agencies, Law Firms, Medical Institutes, and more!

For a quote Contact us by toll-free: (866) 404-4803, or e-mail at Sales@FlashDrivesDirect.com.

Free shipping, No setup charge, Free 2-color Logo.

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    Encryption-ready USB 2.0 Drives
    f o r    s e c u r e    d a t a    s t o r a g e

    • Government agencies
    • Military
    • Corporate mission-critical
    • Personal use
Our customized USB flash drives support industry standard
encryption. For more information, please contact one of
our specialists at (866) 404-4803

"Very good price and product. Prompt delivery. Very helpful customer service assistance in choosing the best USB style and
color for our application. Overall excellent
." - Jim N. - CarMax

USB Flash Drives are a hot, ever-growing market and the preferred method of small portable storage among both computer professionals and casual users alike. It is a convenient and fast way to store and transport any files - whether documents, applications, music, or videos - and it fits easily in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. A digital vault on-the-go, one that is customized to constantly promote your company by having your logo imprinted on it.

The brands we've used so far: Samsung, Hynnix, and Infineon. We offer a lifetime warranty on the flash drives. All of our memory has 10 year data retention (if you leave a flash drive with information, it will still be there in 10 years). Don't be tricked into the cheaper off-shore companies, some of their flash drives corrupt within months or even days.

Unlike other companies, we find it is more important for you to get exactly what you want rather then just placing an order. That is why we offer you a digitally created proof of what the flash drive will look like with your logo on it! Most companies will either not send you a proof or send you a proof only after they receive your Purchase Order.

Now we can preload your marketing materials, presentations, spreadsheets, and any other material you may wish to have on the flash drive. Presenting your new sales pitch from a flash drive is the best way to reach your client. The now ubiquitous USB flash drive is a great tool that will be extensively used by your clients and employees, making a customized USB drive the perfect platform for promotions and brand building.

To Request a free image sample please contact us toll free at (866) 404-4803 or e-mail us at Sales@FlashDrivesDirect.com
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Contact us toll free at: (866) 404-4803, e-mail: sales@flashdrivesdirect.com or Request a Quick Quote

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